Трип Белосток, Польша | Trip Bialystok, Poland VLOG

Трип Белосток, Польша | Trip Bialystok, Poland VLOG

Direction: Poland!

Traveling in Poland is something we never do, always simply driving through. This time we decided to turn things around and here is a short story about our weekend trip to Bialystok: exploring its streets, eating local food and discovering a super cool(d) Tatar village on our way back to Vilnius. Let’s go, guys!

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Направление: Польша!

Короткая история о том, как мы рванули до Белосток, бродили по его улицам, пробовали фляки и по дороге домой обнаружили супер крутую татарскую деревню весь Крушиняны. Погнали!!

Watch on Youtube for English subtitles. Enjoy!

Traveling in Poland: Essentials

Poland makes for a great destination and here a few things you ought to know before you head there.

First of all, it’s not a part of euro zone, so make sure to change money into Polish złoty – 1 euro is roughly 4 złoty. They drive on the right side and use European two plugs sockets. Country is relatively safe – no war or widely spread diseases, yet political tensions concerning foreigners are gaining a momentum, so you might want to look into that before you plan your route. Roads are often under repair, which might slow you down, but that also means that the condition of roads is improving tremendously, making other parts much easier to cover.

English is spoken around the country, but as with many european countries, more widely used in bigger cities and among younger people. Some people speak Russian as well, but that is not something you should rely on – Polish and Russian are both Slavic languages, but that does not mean they understand each other by default.

Interested to know more about the region? Check out the neighboring Lithuania’s capital Vilnius from a hot air balloon view or Backpacking in Belarus.


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