The Ultimate Packing List for Girls Traveling South East Asia

The Ultimate Packing List for Girls Traveling South East Asia

A help to pack for your next trip

While Backpacking in Thailand and Cambodia for my big surprise, a number of girls were impressed with how small was my backpack!


So here you go, girls, the things I brought along for a month’s worth of travel and, honestly, there wasn’t a thing I lacked! A 45l backpack, a small shoulder bag – all just 9 kg! That did make my trip and life on the road much lighter and easier!

I know, some of you travel with even less, but from what I saw, so many girls struggle with backpacks larger then them, so for those of you, a help to pack for your next trip and my packing list!

Thin & multifunctional clothes

Make sure that clothes you bring along are thin, can be mixed and matched together, can be used for various purposed and most are actually comfy! When cold, you should have an option to layer up. Layers will keep you warm, while thin clothes take less space, dry quickly and if they all match, you have at least several different sets of clothing.

Bring a thin and big scarf

It is perfect as a beach towel, a beach dress, or if your short dress is too short to enter a temple or some other sight, you have a long skirt!

Get yourself a microfiber towel

It takes little space, weights nothing and dries quickly (you would be surprised how long things dry during monsoon!). So it’s an absolute must in your packing list.

Measure your cosmetics and meds.

For a month before the trip I was measuring how much I use. The results were far away from what I expected! So when the trip came I brought just enough. While breaking things into smaller containers lets you get rid of things faster, which means space for new things

Bring a small shoulder bag

While your backpack rests, you have where to put the things you want to bring along as a map, water, camera etc. And while you are on the road, you can keep the essentials at hand. Just make sure it is comfortable to wear the bag together with the backpack.

Many travelers bring a smaller backpack along, which is very comfortable to have with you when you have where to leave your backpack. However I personally can’t stand having two backpacks when on the road (one on your chest and one on your back).  Moreover, my “big” back pack is not too large to bring it along in case I want to e.g. go hiking, while leaving all my things in the hostel.

Get yourself a Hoboroll

Hoboroll. It is very individual, but for me, having all of my clothes in one place is really handy, plus, it allows you to compress it much more than a simple bag would.

And finally, here is my packing list!


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