Minsk in 1 Day | Trip Belarus VLOG

Minsk in 1 Day | Trip Belarus VLOG

Direction: Belarus!

When nearly all Belarusians fly from Vilnius or Riga, the two of us landed a great ticket for Sri Lanka..from MINSK! We hopped on an early morning train from Vilnius, equipped with transit visas for Belarus and in just 2,5h we were ready to explore Minsk. This is our short trip to Belarus!

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Politics aside, it is a super cozy and one of the cleanest cities I have been to and makes for a wonderful weekend city break. While if you ever FLY from or to Belarus, the airport is about an 1h ride – there are minibuses departing central bus station for a few bucks per person.

Watch on Youtube too. Enjoy!

Traveling in Belarus

Our, this time, short trip to Belarus was super easy – within a few hundred meters from the train station is the bus station and a luggage locker, which accepts foreign cards (was a huge surprise for me, as from the looks of it, I wouldn’t have guessed it does), just study it’s opening times well. The majority of attractions are within a nice walking distance. Belarusians are happy to help and grocery stores still have that good old real vanilla ice-cream in a cup – make sure to give a try! 🙂

TIP: On our way back from Sri Lanka, at the Minsk airport they stamped my passport as visa upon arrival, with which I can only leave the country through Minsk’s airport. I had a double entry transit visa, and the officer for some reason ignored it, but luckily noticed her mistake and stamped the visa, else I would have been turned around at the border – we were taking a bus back home to Vilnius.

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