Vilnius from Hot Air Balloon | Wanderer in the Sky VLOG

Vilnius from Hot Air Balloon | Wanderer in the Sky VLOG

Direction: Vilnius!

After a year of postponing and pilot Kestas calming me down that I can do it, we finally took a hot air balloon flight over Vilnius. Lithuania’s capital is among the few European capitals that actually allow hot air balloons traffic. It might come as a surprise, yet Lithuania is a country with the highest percentage of its residents owning hot air balloons, no wonder there is quite some traffic in the air!

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Направление: Вильнюс!

Спустя год попыток отложить и переносов даты, убеждений пилота Кестаса что все пройдёт хорошо, мы решились на полёт на воздушном шаре над столицей Литвы. Вильнюс входит в число не многих европейских городов где разрешено движение воздушных шаров. Следующий факт может прозвучать не вероятно, но Литва это страна с наивысшим процентом количества  воздушных шаров на душу населения, не удивительно что их движение здесь достаточно плотное.

You can also watch this Flight over Vilnius on Youtube. Enjoy!

A few tips before you fly

Flying in a hot air balloon is fairly easy, safe and even if you are scared of heights, more than doable, all that beauty makes you forget all about your fears.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes and you will need to climb into the basket and our from it. In addition, have something to cover your head – it is pretty hot from the flame, so it’s nice to have your hair protected from the heat.

Try to consume as little liquids as possible just before and during the flight – toilet break is not an option.

The only part where you actually need to adjust throughout the flight is landing. Since the basket is going to hit the ground – it’s a really soft bump, yet still the pilot cannot be certain so you will need to stand sideways and hold the roped INSIDE the basket and bend your knees. The pressure on you body will be eased if knees are bended, while holding ropes ensures your hands are inside the basket. When landed the basket can tip sideways, and if you are holding on to the edge, you can injure your hands.

That’s pretty much it. Now it’s time to take that flight!

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