Honour the Inca gods at the ancient Carnival of Oruro

Honour the Inca gods at the ancient Carnival of Oruro

Celebrated for over 2000 years the Carnival of Oruro honours ancient Inca indigenous gods.

Especially it celebrates the devil, the guardian of miners. This Bolivian carnival is no less impressive then the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro or Venice!

So if you decide to see the spectacular performance of some 40 000 dancers and musicians, here are a few things you ought to know!

It’s a long one

The parade starts in the first week of March with the main carnival taking place on Saturday. Surprisingly, it starts as early as 6 am and the whole route is about 6 km (3.7 miles), so it might take a while before it reaches you. The whole parade is a nonstop of 48 hours!

Arrive several days in advance

The town of Oruro hosting the carnival is at altitude of 3700m (12000 feet), which can cause you some altitude sickness. Moreover, at night it can get quite chilly, so be prepared with some warmer clothes. Equip yourself with a raincoat, not that it will rain, but water fighting does not spare anybody and last as long as the carnival itself!

The best spot to watch the parade is at the very end of the route, but if you cannot get a ticket, don’t worry, you can always simply walk with the parade!

Don’t relax too much

And of course the inevitable, pickpockets – loud and full of action environment is perfect for them to work on tourists. Especially, be alarmed if somebody sprays water or foam directly into your face, thus blinding you and distracting you completely.

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