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We two, Arturas & Gerda, are friends for over a decade and backpackers from early childhood days. Long story short, we are here to share our travel experience, as well us to enable other world explorers share theirs. Backpacking essentials, travel tips, destinations and hacks, – it is all here.  Welcome aboard, wanderer!

Go ahead, discover new countries and travel tips. Prepare to travel, and once you do, remember to share your stories with the rest!

Behind the Wanderer’s Bag

Here at Wanderer’s Bag, Gerda is the one behind our visual designs, programming and text editing. While Arturas is the one talking to other wanderers, managing the social media and taking upon himself all the legal matters. Read more about each of us below!

Gerda – Hooked on Travel Through Blood Line

Passion (or addiction) for travel is deep in my blood, passed on by my mothers line. Women from that side of my family are all quite crazy! Moreover, born into the late USSR, already at the age of 3 I was dragged to Moscow. While being at home in Vilnius, I was constantly surrounded by foreigners. All because my mother was among the few who knew English.

So my blond 4 year old’s hair was braided by tourists from India. I learned the bow of Japanese. And I continuously practiced my 20 words in English with Danes. While small and newly independent country did attract the most curious and amazing tourist! While we were just as curious about them!

When I turned 18, me and my stupid, cheap and uncomfortable backpack were already overpacked and on the way to Berlin.

From there on it only continued further and by any means. I slept near abandoned gas stations of Italy. I hitchhiked through Poland and talked men into letting me out of the car without causing me harm. I took a crazy steep and overcrowded train ride from Serbia to Montenegro. I watched large stones fall down on the road in the Himalaya I was taking and yet managed to fight my sane inner self blaming me for taking this road in the first place. I starved my share on the ‘three times longer than they say’ bus rides throughout Thailand and Cambodia.

While I have always been interested in way too many things, so when it came to studies, I chose Advertising. Me being me, I used the first opportunity to move abroad and did my exchange semester in Cyprus, where I met the one and only – my favorite wonderer Arturas! 10 years and still counting!

My Cyprus life ended with  Masters in Marketing and Communication in Denmark only to finally show me, I will always want to travel and find new places, but it’s only Lithuania I want to return to. Which I did after wandering for more than 5 years.

Now, with more than a decade of traveling and a third backpack on my shoulders, I feel I have accumulated some stories to share and most importantly, the people who will share their stories along side with mine.

Arturas – Born Into a Travelling

My parents always joke, that I have started travelling before I was even born. They both met on a hiking trip up in the mountains of Altai where Russia, China, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan come together.

My father worked at the airport in Lithuania and him being him, didn’t miss an opportunity to use all the discounts available! Even up to today, it seems that he has been literally everywhere. And there is hardly any story I can surprise him with. Naturally, already at the age of two, I was heading to Moscow and to St. Petersburg, or at least that’s what I was told, too small to remember yet.

Not long after, Lithuania regained it’s independence and the falling of the iron curtain opened so many new countries to us. We were ready and eager! So for years to come we headed west and during our many long road trips covered the most of the Europe.

With every trip my appetite for travel only grew. I spent a part of my gap year before university in Chile. I participated in a world championship in flying paramotors in China. I even studied tourism, thinking that even if I don’t work in this field, at least I will love the studies. Not that my studies kept me home. With the first opportunity I went on student exchange to Cyprus, where I met Gerda!

While still in Cyprus we did a test run on our fresh friendship – travelled to Jordan together. And here we are, 10 years later!

And today I keep scratching new countries off my scratch map. Also, I gain more and more stories and experiences to share. Each journey I embark on is so different! From backpacking solo for 7 months in South America, to driving thousands of kilometers all the way to Mongolia and back making it a mission possible.

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